Community Impact Programs

Don with SkateBoard Class StudentThe Right Direction “Gear-Up” Initiative: One of the hurdles involved in getting started in action sports is having the money to buy the equipment. Through private and corporate donations the Gear-Up Initiative is able to provide under-privileged youth with equipment so they are able to participate in the action sport of their choice.

Community Classes, Clinics, and Seminars: Combining the power of community service with action sports culture, The Right Direction connects youth to their communities by partnering with local parks and schools to provide services such as instruction, demos and contests. All of these programs  are open to anyone who wishes to participate.

The Right Direction Action Sports Demo Team: The Right Direction Action Sports Demo Team: The action sports team was started as a means of delivering a positive message to all youth, including ones not involved in action sports. Our team of professional action sports athletes put on an exciting demonstration that has a positive message for children. Topics covered in the demos include helmet safety, drug and tobacco free initiatives (D.A.R.E.), anti-bullying, and leading a healthy lifestyle. These demonstrations are performed primarily at schools festivals, hospitals, amusement parks, corporate & commercial events, and private parties. Used as a fundraising event we encourage kids to come up with a community cause they would like to support, present it to the school administration for approval then we take care of the rest…by having kids donate at the door the school generates funds for their specific cause.

Team Member Training & Development: By utilizing the skills gained in organizing and performing in the demonstrations youth team members learn about leadership, time management, communication, and teamwork while promoting a positive message. As a member of the Action Sports Demo Team young athletes are surrounded by a group of positive-professional mentors and teammates that encourage further development both professionally and personally.

Partnering with action sports-related companies for promotions and sponsorship, The Right Direction helps youth gain practical work skills and exposes them to careers within the industry. Youth learn general skills such as marketing, working independently, and thinking creatively to address problems. They also learn about appropriate behavior in the workplace, and how to obtain and retain jobs and internships.