Mission and Vision


Our Mission is to empower youth by increasing the impact and access to action sports as a tool for positive youth development.


One day, all youth, regardless of socio-economic background, will have the opportunity to be involved in sports that engage and teach values and skills that help them realize and achieve life goals. Many of the skills that enable youth to be successful in their lives are the same skills that enable them to distinguish themselves as leaders in sports and other activities. Co-Founders Don DiBartolomeo and Matt Bowley believe that the participation in action sports provides an excellent platform for positive youth development in a non-traditional setting.  Traditional youth sports, such as baseball and basketball, can be very effective means of youth development, but these sports are not for every child. These days many kids are opting to get involved in action sports instead. Unlike traditional sports, action sports lack a guidance and support system to help kids develop to their fullest potential. This is where The Right Direction Youth Development Program comes in. Directed and mentored by professional athletes we offer youth involved in action sports a support system that facilitates progression and development as both athletes and young people.

Some of the support system programs we offer youth include; classes, clinics, seminars, demonstrations, The Right Direction Gear-Up Initiative provides equipment for under-privileged youth, and other community building events.  To learn more about our program services click on the “Get Involved” tab above.