Matt Bowley


Growing up Matt thought he would be an Actor on the silver screen. He never imagined he would pick up a camera and start a new path of creativity.

Surrounded by action sports he learned early on that his family wasn’t the typical jock family and riding dirt bikes soon became the preferred activity at the “Bowley” household and ever since then riding has been his passion- Dirt, Street, whatever, as long as it has 2 wheels and an engine, Matt is in his happy place.

Matt started shooting when he was about 14 and never looked back. “I was hooked, something about capturing a moment whether it be a captivating emotional expression of a candid portrait, or the high energy raw intensity of action sports.”

In College Matt studied Photography, Video and Design, he now uses those skills he learned and mixes them with his passion for the art and his hobbies to bring his work to life.

We are very glad to have him in such a pivotal part of our organization. “I was asked to shoot an event, and at the time I didn’t even know Don, or anyone. Here I am thinking it will be a one time gig, and now I am one of the main guys driving this organization”.