Jonathan Apicella


Jonathan is new to our organization as of 2021. We will have more content to come from him! We can’t wait to see what he bring to the table. Lets get SLACKIN!

Here is a little more about Jonathan:

Growing up in Northeast Ohio he fell in love with the outdoor scene. Due to incorporating snowboarding, rock climbing, and longboarding he has always been an advocate of the outdoors. Surrounding himself in the action sports industry, Jonathan has found passion in not only the sports, but the people as well.
Jonathan is currently attending Bowling Green State University studying Business and Media Productions. It wasn’t until recently when he found his love for slacklining. “When I got my first line, I didn’t know what to think. It was a blank canvas for me to paint and figure out. At first, I was just this lone guy balancing between two ratchets, but now I have found a community within Bowling Green, and throughout the state of Ohio to enjoy the sport with”.
Ever since Jonathan has found the social, mental, and physical benefits of slacklining, he has set out to share the sport with as many people as he could. In the past year he has had much success growing the community and connecting with other sport ambassadors. “I can’t wait to join The Right Direction. To know of an organization that shares such similar values is an opportunity too good to pass up”.