David Lieb


From: Petersburg, MI
Age: 19
Riding Since: 2008


Ever since I started riding when I was 11 years old, I was completely hooked. I begged my mom and dad constantly to take me places where I could ride and meet people who shared the same passion as me. Over the years I have progressed a lot and came further than I had ever dreamed. Now I still enjoy riding every chance I get, whether it be street, park, or dirt. As long as I am with my friends riding my bike, I am happy. As far as contests go, I attend every contest I can make it to just for the enjoyment it brings to see everyone ride their best and to push myself harder. Winning is just a bonus which is a really good feeling to know that you did your best and came out on top. My future plans consist of traveling more, attending larger contests, and progressing more with my riding. It is a dream of mine to look back and say “I have no regrets.” So with that being said, I will take every opportunity that I am lucky enough to be a part of, and run with it.



Results 2016- Down Hill MTB

•1st – Cannonsburg Fatty 2×4 snow 4cross (open)

•1st – Rays Cleveland One lap no crap Xc challenge (open)

•1st – Massanutten VA, gravity east series (cat 2)

•3rd – Mountain Creek NJ Pro GRT (cat 1)

•1st – Windham NY, Pro GRT (cat 1)

•1st – Brighton Dual Slalom town series
(all SEVEN weeks in a row and the overall championship in open class)

•3rd – in overall standings pro grt cat 1 mens 19-29


Simple session 39th/100

FISE 24th

kitchen recon 7th

Clairmont recon 20th

Rye recon 23rd

Older Events:
7th place – 2012 Freeflow Finals (Ocean City, MD)


1st place – Modern Skate Park contest (local jam, MI)


1st place – Recon Tour stop #4 (Incline Club, NJ)


4th place – Mongoose Jam (Woodward, Team Illingworth)


1st place – Recon Tour Finals (Mike Spinners yard, FL)


9th place – 2013 Play Pro contest (Mike Spinners yard, FL)


5th Place – Vital BMX Game of Bike (Woodward West)


5th Place – Recon Tour Pro Finals (Greenville NC)


Performed in The Right Direction Demos




David Lieb
David Lieb
David Lieb
David Lieb
David Lieb
David Lieb
David Lieb
David Lieb