Kassidy Bishop


Age: 14
Riding Since: 4 yrs old
Bike: KTM 105SX

Current Sponsors: Fly Racing, TRD, 100% Grand Haven Lake Cycles, Tjkz Racing, Bell Helmets, Dunlop Tires, No Toil Industries, Slick Products, Acerbis USA, Compound 076, Ducett Racing, Pressing Construction, Newman Training.

Something you enjoy outside of riding:
Anything that keeps me active, and I love spending time with my friends.

Who is your favorite pro rider:
Ryan Dungey

Who is your hero?
Hannah Hodges and Jeff Stanton

2017 Goals on the track:
Make it to Loretta’s 2017. Improve on my corning. Go Faster!

2017 Goals off the track:
All A’s in school.