Cam Delker


From: Ida, Michigan
Age: 16
Riding Since: 6 yrs old
Bike: 2017 YZ250F

Current Sponsors: TRD, Sunstar, Gaerne, 100%, Bell, Fly, MGX Unlimited, MCR Suspension, Delker Automotive, Klotz

Something you enjoy outside of riding:
Riding Mountain Bikes, and spending time with my family.

Who is your favorite pro rider:
Jeremy McGrath and Eli Tomac

Who is your hero?
My Dad.

2017 Goals on the track:
Try and stay healthy and get a top finish at Loretta‘s

2017 Goals off the track:
To stay focused and be a positive role model for my younger teammates and to help reach more kids in motocross through The Right Direction’s Moto Camps.

Race Highlights 2016: (Was out most season due to Broken Collar Bone in April)
9/11/2016 Souring Eagle Edge of Summer Race
250 C     5th
Schoolboy 2 (12-16)    4th

9/9/2016  Souring Eagle Edge of Summer Race
250 C CLASS  9th

11/1/2015 Baja MX (Baja Brawl)
SCHOOLBOY 2     (12-16)    4th

2015 District 14 Schoolboy 2 Championship 3rd place.


Cam Delker
Cam Delker
Cam Delker
Cam Delker
Cam Delker